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bangladesh faces various crises due to climate change
Bangladesh Environmental Problems

Bangladesh faces various crises due to climate change

Bangladesh faces various crises due to climate change

Bangladesh is a country of wetlands. Almost all the rivers of this country come down from the Himalayas. The rivers branched out before merging with the Bay of Bengal, creating wetlands. However, water has become the biggest threat to Bangladesh at present.

Droughts, water shortages, floods, repeated cyclones, and coastal salinity have emerged as threats. These threats have arisen due to climate change. Sometimes it increases, sometimes it decreases. Millions of people are trying their hardest to deal with these crises.

Seventeen crore people of this delta are now going through these crises due to climate change. Bangladesh is suffering from a crisis today; many other countries will be in crisis tomorrow. The rest of the world can learn from Bangladesh’s strategy to deal with this crisis.

When heavy rains started pouring down from upstream, the farmers in Bangladesh got busy cutting rice and bringing it home.

To save crops from flood waters, they grow vegetables on floating seedbeds. They are cultivating tomatoes and lady’s fingers as the soil becomes saline due to the enclosure of shrimp farming.

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