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aprils temperature to exceed above 40 degrees celsius every year from now on due to climate change,study said
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April’s temperature to exceed above 40 degrees Celsius every year from now on due to climate change: Study said

April’s temperature to exceed above 40 degrees Celsius every year from now on due to climate change: Study said

This April, there was a record-breaking heat in many countries of South Asia, including Bangladesh. April heat will increase next year due to climate change, according to a study by the World Weather Attribution (WWA).

A total of 13 researchers from different countries, including Malaysia, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom have conducted this survey. They say South Asia is 45 times more likely to exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the coming years.

Researchers have found that at least 28 people have died in the heat wave of April this year in Bangladesh alone. Five died in India, and three in Gaza. Apart from this, there have been several reports of heat deaths in Thailand and the Philippines.

Researchers believe the death toll from heatwaves is actually much higher. Most of the time, the authorities or the administration don’t know the actual cause of these deaths. As a result, the matter is not published in the media.

Researchers have identified the Asian continent as the most affected by the heat wave. In Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam also had their warmest April this year. People in some parts of India have seen temperatures as high as 46 degrees.

The report also said that a 30-day heat wave will continue in South Asia every 30 years. El Nino will play a big role in this. Due to climate change and El Niño, the temperature in April may rise further in the coming days.

One of the researchers, Carolina Pereira Marhidan of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Meteorology, said, ‘Asia is home to about four billion people. The poor and marginalized people here will face terrible problems in this heat wave.”

Mariam Zakaria, a researcher at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, said, “If no major steps are taken to reduce carbon emissions, or if global temperature increases are not kept to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the heat wave in Asia will become more severe.” “The number of deaths will also increase every year.”

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