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aquatic phytoplankton is harmed by the depletion of the ozone layer
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Aquatic phytoplankton is harmed by the depletion of the ozone layer

Aquatic phytoplankton is harmed by the depletion of the ozone layer

Ozone gas affects air quality and contributes to global warming and climate change. Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) and the US Forest International Service’s Compass Program.

Professor Dr Gulshan Ara Latifa, a full-time member of the Bangladesh Accreditation Council, chaired the webinar. Professor Dr Ahmad Kamruzzaman Mazumdar, the chairman of CAPS, presented the main article. Adil Mohammad Khan Patwari was present as the chief guest.

Shams Uddin, Program Coordinator Specialist of US Forest International Service’s Compass, attended the webinar. x Mahmuda Parveen, Assistant Professor of the Department of Environmental Science at Stamford University, Bangladesh, and Senior Lecturer Humayun Kabir from Stamford University, Bangladesh, Marziat Rahman, researcher of CAPS and Director Abdul Wahab, Executive of CGED.

In the main article, Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder said, “There are two types of ozone. One type of ozone at the Earth’s surface is ground-level ozone; the other is in the stratosphere of the Earth’s atmosphere, known as the ozone layer or ozonosphere. This is known as good ozone.

This ozone layer in space blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the Earth. Ozone gas is a short-lived climate pollutant and one of the major air pollutants.”

Variation in the presence of ozone gas in the air, on the one hand, worsens the air quality, and on the other hand, it also creates the context of global warming and climate change.

In the president’s speech, Professor Dr. Gulshan Ara Latifah said, ‘Ozone layer damage is leading to loss of aquatic phytoplankton which is affecting the ecosystem.

We need to focus on not harming the biodiversity and try to find out through research how to protect the ozone layer.’

In the chief guest’s speech, Professor Dr. Adil Mohammad Khan said, “If we want to maintain the environment, then we must keep the natural balance. But by covering them with concrete, we are destroying the natural balance of cities.

Excessive use of CFC-containing ACs increases the ozone layer depletion daily, which is one of the main causes of environmental destruction. As a planner, he urged everyone to move towards sustainable development by ensuring environmental protection.”

In the mediator’s speech, Shams Uddin said, “US Forest Service’s Compass Program is working to improve the skills of the students of the country’s universities. The university students must work at the forefront to protect the ozone layer and the environment.”

In the speaker’s speech, Dr Mahmuda Parveen said, ‘We are damaging the ozone layer through unconscious actions. The main cause of various cancers, including cataracts, is the sun’s ultraviolet rays.”

Damage to the ozone layer increases the risk to our health by allowing ultraviolet rays to reach the Earth through its ozone hole. So, we must protect the ozone layer and the environment.

In the mediator’s speech, Abdul Wahab said, “Bangladesh government has received a grant of about 17.5 million dollars for research on the ozone layer, and about 12.5 million dollars have already been invested.”

The government has initiatives, but we need to be made aware. Still, the use of CFC ACs is not decreasing. We have to use alternative technology.

Marziat Rahman, the research engineer of CAPS, said in the closing speech, “We have to protect the environment for ourselves; the damage to the ozone layer is not only in Bangladesh, it is a global problem.

So, today, we pledge to protect the ozone layer from the harmful effects of CFC gas by using advanced technology.”

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