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the great ocean is found in jupiters moon
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The great ocean is found in Jupiter’s Moon

The great ocean is found in Jupiter’s Moon

This time, the American space research agency NASA has announced that Jupiter’s moon Europa has a favorable environment for life. With the help of the telescope, NASA scientists have reported the existence of oceans and carbon dioxide.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are the basis for any life to survive. Therefore, the space research organization estimates life’s existence by finding carbon dioxide in Europa.

NASA says that important information about this moon of Jupiter is coming to them one after another. It shows that Europa has a solid layer of ice. Scientists are guessing another big fact after seeing the presence of carbon dioxide.

NASA claims a huge ocean is under a solid layer of ice, and scientists believe a lot of carbon-rich material is contained in that ocean. This chemical is believed to be the primary basis of life.

A large amount of this gas has been observed in a part of Europa called Regio. Scientists are hoping to get some good news from there. NASA is currently looking into that with the James Webb Telescope.

There are few planets or moons like Europa in the entire solar system. The number of people who have a favorable environment for life is negligible. As a result, scientists are seeing the light of hope due to the existence of carbon dioxide.

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