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Armed hunters in Aushgram forest to hunt birds, the forest department thwarted the plan.
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Armed hunters in Aushgram forest to hunt birds, the forest department thwarted the plan.

Armed hunters in Aushgram forest to hunt birds, the forest department thwarted the plan.

By Amila Khan

Katwa: Hundreds of armed men are advancing along with the Ajay river char on a foggy winter morning. Some have bows, and some have spears. In front of them is a group of ferocious hounds.

There is a flock of guest birds sitting in the jungle awkwardly— a few peacocks under the tree. As soon as the armed forces’ noise reached the ears, all the birds became wood in fear. Even though the bird’s wings began to flutter, eventually, they were saved.

Indigenous Jangalmahal of Aushagram in East Burdwan district witnessed the scene on Tuesday.

Hundreds of indigenous people, accompanied by armed dogs, entered the Aushagram forest for hunting. At the last moment, the forest department was able to stop the hunters.

Ashraful Islam, the bit officer of Adurira in Aushagram, became the practical savior of wildlife and birds. On this day, the indigenous community people who came for hunting due to his activism fled from the jungle.

Complaint: About four hundred armed tribal hunters crossed the Ajay River from Birbhum district and attacked Aushgram Jungle Mahal for hunting. Due to the forest department’s efforts and the locals, they were not able to kill a single animal, and everyone fled under pressure.

It is known that every year on the first three Tuesdays of the month of Magh, the people of the tribal community go out hunting in groups. Accordingly, this day was the first Tuesday. That is why on this day in the morning near Dangapara village of Aushagram, it is seen that hundreds of tribals of Birbhum district are coming forward in rows along the river Ajay. About 25 hounds with them.

In a short time, more than a hundred tribals from the Aushgram area near Bhuyera Battala had also gathered for hunting, the news of which reached the Bit Officer Ashraful Islam of Adurira in a moment. He and his colleagues stood in front of the hunters in Birbhum without waiting for the police and tied them up.

In the words of Ashraful Islam, “The number of peacocks in Aushgram forest has increased a lot lately. Peacock cubs occasionally enter nearby villages. Besides, there are pangolins, hedgehogs, and wild cats. Once the hunters enter the forest, they will first target the peacocks.

These wild animals will become extinct. I caught their prey with great difficulty.”

According to local sources, Ashraful Islam went in front of the hunters and tried to convince them. The forest officer also called the members of the forest protection committee.

Ashraful Islam Saf informed that extreme measures will be taken if anyone still tries to hunt wild birds illegally. Eventually, the hunters return to Birbhum.

Dhiman Roy, Katwa:

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