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As a result of climate change, many people around the world will suffer extreme losses in the future

As a result of climate change, many people around the world will suffer extreme losses in the future


Experts call for preparation to face the challenge of climate change. They made this call at the two-day youth climate conference in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

According to experts, global climate change will have an adverse effect. As time goes by, the crisis will increase. Therefore, from now on, all kinds of preparations should make to face the challenge of climate change. If not, many people worldwide will suffer extreme losses in the future.

Private research organization Bangladesh Resource Centre For Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK) and Varendra Region Youth Organization Forum has recently organized it in an auditorium in Dhaka.

Young people from different areas are participating in this conference titled ‘Compensation Pledge, Climate Justice.’ Outside the academy, exhibitions of crops from the Varendra region, river plain region, Haor region, and coastal region have been organized.

Brave Freedom fighter Dr. Abdul Mannan, the former president of Rajshahi Mahanagar Muktijoddha Sangsad (Rajshahi City Freedom Fighter Asociation), announced the conference’s opening by hoisting the national flag in the morning.

He said that climate change is causing various damages worldwide today. Youth can highlight all those losses. Such a youth climate conference is essential to generate interest in it.

After participating in the thematic discussion, Dr. Golam Mostafa, a Professor at the Institute of Ecology of Rajshahi University’s said, “All countries are suffering due to carbon emissions in developed countries.

Global temperature is rising. It is also unlikely to stop now. Due to the increase in temperature, Himalayan ice will melt, sea level will rise. At the same time, low-lying coastal areas will inundate.

Agricultural land will become saline. Many people will lose their jobs. How to give new jobs to all these people and rehabilitate them should get prepared from now. They should train how they will survive in that situation. ‘’

Mahbub Siddiqui, a river and environment researcher, said, ‘The damage we are seeing now, the background has been created long ago. The damage that is happening now, we can see the image after many years.

This is because we are chaotically using the world. Although few countries have done this damage to the world, all countries are victims.

Therefore, compensation should collect from those harming the countries affected by climate change. Youth society should also come forward to speed up this movement. ‘’

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