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exceptional exhibition with plastic bottles in environmental awareness
Aivee Akther Bangladesh Environment Protection

Exceptional exhibition with plastic bottles in environmental awareness

Exceptional exhibition with plastic bottles in environmental awareness

An Exceptional exhibition of portraits made of half a million discarded plastic bottles started on January 07, 2023, at Mohakhali T&T ground in Dhaka, Bangladesh, recently.

Atiqul Islam, Mayor of the Dhaka North City Corporation, inaugurated the exhibition, and this main purpose is to create awareness among the people to prevent plastic pollution.

A symbolic human brain has been made from plastic bottles to increase awareness of plastic pollution and how plastic chips reach the human brain. Furthermore, To illustrate the harmful effects of plastic on biodiversity, a tree without leaves has been made of plastic bottles.

Similarly, large fish, turtles, exhibition gates, and stage has made from plastic bottles.

BD Clean, a voluntary organization working to build a clean Bangladesh, has organized this exhibition titled ‘Save Earth Save Bangladesh”. Impressed by this exceptional exhibition, Atiqul Islam donated BDT1.00 million to the organizing organization.

During the inauguration, Mayor Atiqul Islam said, ”Plastic bottles constantly harm the environment. Beverage companies, in particular, are making huge profits selling soft drinks in plastic bottles.

Unless we act, they will keep polluting the environment by doing business. Manufacturing companies have to take responsibility for preventing plastic pollution. People should also stop throwing plastic bottles everywhere.

While cleaning the drains and lakes, a large amount of plastic waste is seen. Because of the plastic, the drains get blocked and cause waterlogging. Apart from this, the rainwater drainage channel has provided a sewage connection.”

Appreciating this exceptional exhibition, Mayor Atiqul said, ‘Creator has created aquatic animals, turtles, fish and trees for human needs. They are essential components of the environment.

But we are ruthlessly destroying these creations. Those who are destroying do not care about our future generations. They don’t care about red and green flags. They do not think about this hard-earned country. ”

Calling for cleanliness in the metro rail, Atiqul Islam said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gifted metro rail to the people of the capital in December 2023, the month of victory of Bangladesh. A few days ago, she gave Padma Bridge as a gift. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep them clean.”

At the event, Farid Uddin, a former student of Dhaka University and the founder of BD Clean, said, ”Around 40 thousand members of BD Clean are working in the whole country.

Along with cleanliness activities, the main aim of this organization is to create an orderly, healthy, and well-minded nation.”

He further commented that only a positive mindset could change our country’s environment.

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