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awareness meeting to protect the ecological balance of tanguar haor, bangladesh 
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Awareness meeting to protect the ecological balance of Tanguar Haor, Bangladesh 

Awareness meeting to protect the ecological balance of Tanguar Haor, Bangladesh

 Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh, has held an exchange meeting with the stakeholders of Tanguar Haor under Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) to make the local people aware of protecting the ecological balance of Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj.

At the meeting, Md Hasnat, a Resident of the Tanguar Haor area, said, “They have to suffer more because they are residents of Tanguar Haor. They have to face difficulties in making a living; they cannot go fishing, and their nets and boats are taken away. They also face problems in cutting and planting trees.”

He demanded an alternative employment system for the residents of Tanguar Haor from the government.

Anwara Begum of the same area said that this year’s flood had taken away everything, so the government and the DOE should take the initiative and help the people of this town recover.

Dr. Abdul Hamid, The Director General of DOE, said, “The government is going to take up the project to sustain the people of this region by protecting the biodiversity of Tanguar Haor and considering the environmental aspects.

So, people protect the environment of Tangua Haor. The project has been undertaken to make a living without catching fish, cutting trees, and hunting birds.

The environment of Haor could not protect by excluding the large population of this area, so the officials and employees of the DoE are constantly working to make the people of the Haor area aware.”

At the end of the meeting, the DOE distributed umbrellas, caps, and hats with various slogans on the environment to be safe from sun and rain. Besides, they distributed waste collector baskets for the tourist boats in Hoar. Before the start of the meeting, an oath to protect the environment has recited.

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