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illegal quarrying of stones and sand is going on in the dark of night in sylhet, bangladesh
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Illegal quarrying of stones and sand is going on in the dark of night in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Illegal quarrying of stones and sand is going on in the dark of night in Sylhet, Bangladesh


Many people have now become millionaires from nothing by illegally mining stones. These ‘stoners’ are controlling local politics and the economy.

They are again running the illegal activities of stone quarry in Sylhet. However, the natural balance has started to return due to the cessation of stone extraction in the quarries.

The speakers said these things in the discussion meeting titled ‘Has the environment able to return to its natural state after stopping the uncontrolled sand and stone extraction in Bangladesh.’

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) organized the event in the auditorium of a restaurant in the Jallarpar area of Sylhet. Syeda Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of BELA, presided over it.

Sayed Rizwana Hasan, Executive Director of Bella said, “We cannot be allowed to destroy the river for stone extraction. There are eight government-listed stone quarries in Sylhet, and each one is of particular natural importance.

However, these quarries have lost their original appearance. Therefore, the natural heritage should preserve for the present and future generations.”

Md. Mujibur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet, said, “Since 2020, it has suspended the lease of the stone quarry in Sylhet. So, the surrounding environment is protected as stone quarrying has stopped.

However, sand and stones need to extract while maintaining the environment. Conservation and proper utilization of natural resources must ensure.

It has been decided to construct two stone crusher zones in Sylhet to prevent uncontrolled sand and stone quarrying. All natural injustices would stop by implementing the law.”

In open discussion, the speakers commended that a maximum of 10 percent of demand meet through stone quarrying. Nature cannot destroy in any way for this demand. Everyone needs to speak up to stop it.

It is not possible to return the damage done to nature. However, illegal stone and sand quarrying still happens in the dark of night in Sylhet. As a result, the natural environment is deteriorating.

The local administration should be strict in stopping these. They demanded to bring the hills and rivers of Sylhet under observation through satellite to stop this lawlessness.

Shah Saheda Akhtar, the Sylhet Divisional Coordinator of BELA, said in her keynote speech, ” Mining sand and stone had created a disparity in terms of socio-economic conditions along with damage to the biodiversity environment, which is an obstacle to sustainable development.

State economic losses, worker deaths, impact on public health, and various negative impacts, including air, noise, and water pollution resulting from sand and stone mining. As a result, everyone should be vocal to stop stone quarrying.”

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