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4:17 am | April 12, 2021
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Babui Bird (Weaver) with Enchanting buzz is on the Verge of Extinction in the Countryside of Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Babui Birds (Weaver) with Enchanting buzz is on the Verge of Extinction in the Countryside of Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Adnan Mahfuz

In the evolution of time, the nest of the Babui bird is being lost due to environmental disasters. Where many babui birds used to be seen in the palm trees of the village.

Not only Babui birds, but almost all types of birds are also getting lost today. And in these difficult times, the villages of Rauthnagar, Kanthaldangi, Bhaturia, and Rampur in Thakurgaon have become famous for the chirping of Babui birds.

In these villages, the nests of Babui birds, the unique artists of nature, sway in the wind. In the villages bordering India, there are palm, coconut, banian trees, etcetera, with the artistic nests of Babui birds can be seen.

Bird lover Tajul Islam, principal of Ranishankail Degree College, said that the number of birds is declining at an alarming rate due to deforestation, the use of pesticides in crops, and climate change. The environment and literature are affected by natural disasters as well.

Dr. Shariful Islam, an agricultural scientist at the Thakurgaon Sugar Crop Research Institute, said the use of pesticides makes the environment sick, and the cost of production is increasing in agriculture. He said the role of birds in controlling insects and keeping the environment healthy is worth noting.

Literary professor Mantosh Kumar Dey said that poets write songs, poems, stories, and rhymes about birds. But today, biodiversity is getting lost in global warming.

He added that the birds are not being fed due to excessive use of pesticides in crops, indiscriminate killing of birds, destruction of ancient trees, and lack of safe shelter. So the birds are declining day by day.

Haripur Upazila Nibarhi Officer AGM Arif Beg said that the number of birds in this Upazila is worth mentioning due to the abundance of ancient and tall trees in Haripur.

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