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bangladesh again failed to prevent environmental pollution
Aivee Akther Bangladesh

Bangladesh again failed to prevent environmental pollution

Bangladesh again failed to prevent environmental pollution


Bangladesh is at the bottom of the list of countries that have been unable to avoid environmental pollution. According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) released on January 2021, with 29.56 points, Bangladesh is in second place from the bottom. Burundi is the only country in a worse position than Bangladesh (27.43).

The list of 180 countries on the EPI index got released on the sidelines of the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland.

Yale University and Columbia University in the United States jointly published the Environment Performance Index with the World Economic Forum. According to the report, Bangladesh’s score in the environmental quality index is 29.56. And the position in the list is number 179. After Bangladesh, there is only Burundi.

Neighboring India is also close to Bangladesh. Their position is 177. Then Congo (178) and Nepal (176). This report on environmental quality is published every two years. This year, Switzerland topped the list with 87.42; France, Denmark, Malta, and Sweden are the following five countries on the list.

The top 15 countries on the list are all from Europe. The United States is in the 27th position. The report got prepared based on 24 indicators/parameters like air quality, water supply, sewerage, water resources, heavy metals, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, biodiversity, weather, and energy.

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