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bangladesh agricultural university plants lovers, does exceptional work to protect the environment
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‘Bangladesh Agricultural University Plants Lovers’ does exceptional work to protect the environment

‘Bangladesh Agricultural University Plants Lovers’ does exceptional work to protect the environment


Many of us have given and taken books as children. We used to hand over the books to our friends and took the unread books from them. But by giving and taking trees? It feels a little obsolete. ‘Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Plant Lovers’ are doing this exceptional work.

This group of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) not only loves trees themselves but also tries to spread this love among tens of others.

In 2016, BAU student Sanjida Saki and some of her classmates started a Facebook group for this innovative work. Students who love trees, planting different types of trees in tubs, and are interested in learning about trees, joined this group.

The members of that small group are now about two and a half thousand, and everyone is a student of BAU. This Facebook group plays a very important role in exchanging trees among the students and inspires them for planting.

Apart from this, advice on tree care and maintenance is available in this group. One of the members of the group is Farhad Ahmed, who has been actively involved in this activity since 2020.

Farhad smiled and said, ‘This is a place we like. Those of us who work with trees, such a group, make their work much easier. We know a lot of trees because of our studies at the Bangladesh Agricultural University.

However, they are also economically important. Apart from this, many people on campus buy ornamental trees. Many can buy trees together through our group and in such way, the cost reduces. We all the group members to meet at least once a year.

On that special day, everyone comes to the meeting place with a tree or a sapling and exchanges it with each other. In this way, different species of trees are spreading among the group members for planting in different places with love.’’

Farhad further said, their membership is increasing day by day. They are thinking of spreading this initiative to other educational institutions as well.

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