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climate change is waking up a thousand year old city in iraq
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Climate change is waking up a thousand-year-old city in Iraq

Climate change is waking up a thousand-year-old city in Iraq


In Iraq, the ancient city of Tigris River has suddenly begun to wake up after the river receded. The city is about 3,400 years old. But the whole city was under water for so long.

Global warming has increased as a result of climate change. There has been a severe drought. As a result, the waters of the Tigris River receded, and the ancient city suddenly began to wake up.

The ancient city has submerged in the Tigris River in northern Iraq. Traces of ancient Mesopotamian civilization has scattered throughout the country. Since the beginning of this year, various city installations have been slowly floating in the river due to low water levels.

German and Kurdish archaeologists say it was a city in the ancient Mittani Empire. The city has a palace. There are also a few large buildings. It is thought that the city has been used inhibition from 1550 to 1350 BC.

Archaeologists at the University of Tubingen in Germany involves in excavations of this ancient city in Iraq. Iraq is one of the countries most affected by climate change, the Archaeologists said in a statement.

The country’s Mosul region has been experiencing warm weather and rising temperatures for months. The upstream water of the Mosul Dam is also decreasing rapidly. As a result, the Tigris River dried up, and the ancient Bronze Age town of Kimune in the autonomous Kurdistan Region adjacent to Mosul could discover.

Hassan Ahmed Qasim, chairman of the Kurdistan Archaeological Organization, Ivana Puljiji, an archaeologist at the University of Freiburg in Germany, and Peter Pfefelzner, an archaeologist at the University of Tubingen in Germany, have begun research on the ancient city floating in Iraq. The excavation work getting carried out in a joint venture of their team.

Archaeologists say the ancient city has destroyed by a devastating earthquake. That too around 1350 BC. Later the whole city has submerged in the Tigris. Now, once again, the city has started to wake up.

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