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bangladesh government is working to ensure energy security by protecting the environment
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Bangladesh government is working to ensure energy security by protecting the environment

Bangladesh government is working to ensure energy security by protecting the environment: Bangladesh Environ Minister


Md. Shahab Uddin, Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), “Bangladesh is working on expanding renewable energy by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, saving energy, and exploring potential sustainable energy sources to ensure energy security.”

“Bangladesh has adopted various policy initiatives and financial plans, including grants and concessional loans to install solar energy in the country and tax exemptions on solar panels.

Bangladesh has one of the most comprehensive domestic solar energy programs globally. Bangladesh has installed more than 6 million solar-home systems in the last few years to ensure solar power supply to about 18 million people,” the environment ministry added.

He spoke at a meeting with Francesco La Camara, director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), at the Bangladesh state guesthouse, the Padma. Secretary of the Ministry Mostafa Kamal was present at the meeting.

Shahab Uddin further said, “Bangladesh is replacing the diesel-powered irrigation system with solar irrigation pumps, which will have a grid integration system to supply solar power to the national grid during the non-irrigation period.

We have recently adopted net metering guidelines for promoting solar power in the city and on the roofs of industrial estates. Bangladesh announced 100% electricity coverage on March 21, 2022.”

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Government of Bangladesh is working hard to follow the path of low carbon development.

The Government of Bangladesh has adopted a comprehensive Climate Change and Strategic Action Plan, which includes mitigation and low carbon development as one of the six pillars,” he continued.

The environment minister said, “Bangladesh has already canceled ten coal-fired power plants with 12 billion in foreign investment. We have recently developed a national solar energy roadmap and aim to get 40 percent of our energy from recyclable sources by 2041.

In developing countries like Bangladesh, sustainable energy transformation must encourage, and the transfer of green and advanced technology at an affordable cost must ensure.

IRENA will come forward with the necessary technical support to make maximum use of renewable energy in the country.”

He expressed his willingness to work closely with the IRENA to facilitate cooperation among member countries to accelerate the transformation of power following the actual requirements of the Paris Agreement.

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