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bangldesh honble high court directed to issue a warning message to protect the unhealthy environment
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Bangladesh Hon’ble High Court directed to issue a warning message to protect the unhealthy environment

Bangladesh Hon’ble High Court directed to issue a warning message to protect the unhealthy environment


In addition to identifying the primary sources of air pollution, the High Court has directed to list the most polluted areas in the Country.

The directive was issued to the Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), the Director-General of the Department of Environment (Bangladesh) (DOE), and the Director (Monitoring and Enforcement) of Bangladesh.

A virtual high court bench comprising Justice Farah Mahbub and Justice SM Moniruzzaman passed the order along with the rules after a preliminary hearing of a writ petition.

At the same time, the court directed set up an adequate number of ‘Continuous air monitoring stations” at appropriate places for air quality monitoring and an ‘Alert’ system to protect the public from dangerous-unhealthy polluted Air.

Besides, the court asked to develop an alternative method of burning bricks and implementing a work plan. The court further asked the Defendants to report within four months on the progress of implementation of the directive. The court has set June 28 for the next order in this regard.

The Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association: BELA filed the writ petition seeking necessary instructions to reduce air pollution. Lawyer Syeda Rizwana Hasan appeared for the writ petition. Deputy Attorney General Samarendra Nath Biswas represented the state at the hearing.

Lawyer Syeda Rizwana Hasan said, “Dhaka was at the top of the list of 100 cities globally for eight days in January, according to Air Visual, an air quality watchdog. Of the 20 days in January,

11 days Dhaka was number one on the Air quality index (AQI) list. According to the research report titled ‘Air Quality Life Index, the average life expectancy of the Country’s people is decreasing due to air pollution for about five years and four months.

And the average life expectancy in Dhaka is declining by about seven years and seven months. In such a situation, the city dwellers continue their normal activities without any health warning. Due to a lack of health precautions, about 150000 people die every year due to air pollution.”

“All the countries with polluted Air, including India, the Philippines, and China, have made laws. The government has already drafted the law. But the government wants to make rules,” Syedna Rizwana Hassan added.

During the hearing, Samarendra Nath Biswas, Deputy Attorney General, said, “The motorcycle ran over the Walkway of the road. How much can law prevent if the person is not aware?”

At one stage of the hearing, the court said that the person should have this awareness in his mind that if he violates the law, he will not be able to overcome it. This place should not compromise. When compromised, people’s courage increases in the negative.

The writ petitioner stated that the court’s ruling sought to know why the failure of the defendants to reduce air pollution and protect public health should not declare as against the public interest and out of the jurisdiction.

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