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12:40 am | June 13, 2024
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bangladesh high court worried about dhaka terrible pollution
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Bangladesh High Court worried about Dhaka’s terrible pollution

Bangladesh High Court worried about Dhaka’s terrible pollution

Dhaka’s position in air pollution is not getting any better. This city has been at the top of the list for several days. Analysts have commented on the matter several times but no solution has been found.

Now the High Court of Bangladesh has spoken about the matter. “We are alarmed,” the court said, noting that Dhaka is in a very bad condition due to pollution.
On January 29, 2024, during a hearing on a writ about illegal brick kilns, Justice KM Kamrul Quader and Justice Khizir Hayat of the High Court mentioned the following.

Senior advocate Manzil Morsed heard on behalf of the writ in the court. Barrister Muntasir Uddin Ahmed was in the hearing on behalf of the Department of Environment (Bangladesh).

The court stated that industrialization is important for the country’s economic development, but it should be done while safeguarding the environment.

Besides, the High Court said, ‘How much autism is increasing in the country, does the government keep track of it? In this case, there is an effect of environmental pollution.

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