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bangladesh is the most affected due to climate change minister of state for maritime affairs of bangladesh
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Bangladesh is most affected due to climate change: Minister of State for Maritime Affairs, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is most affected due to climate change: Minister of State for Maritime Affairs, Bangladesh


Khaled Mahmud Chowdhury, State Minister of Shipping, said, “Bangladesh is at the bottom of climate disaster-prone country globally. We are one of the countries most affected by climate change.”

He said this at a special seminar organized by the Department of Shipping in a Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The State Minister further said, “The government has taken several strong steps to prevent and control natural disasters in Bangladesh caused by the impact of global climate change.

Bangladesh’s inland and ocean-going commercial fleet must be environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions. In this regard, the necessary guidelines should follow.”

He also said, “We want to see Bangladesh as an innovative country.”

In this regard, he urged university students to be more interested in technology to face future challenges.

Anisul Haque, Minister of Law, said in his chief guest’s speech, “Everyone should respect the law by fully complying with the national and international laws related to international shipping.

If we respect the law, it is possible to reduce carbon emissions from ships. It will create the possibility of creating an environment-friendly carbon emission-free future generation to combat global climate change.”

Mustafa Kamal, The Secretary of the Shipping Ministry, said, “The participants of the shipping trade should encourage to use of new technology for the environment-friendly green shipping system of Bangladesh.”

Apart from the presentation of thematic technical papers at the seminar, the top five individuals and institutions of the year from among the maritime stakeholders have felicitated their unique contributions to the five naval sectors.

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