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environmental workers rescued 20 egrets in natore, bangladesh
Bangladesh Environment Protection

Environmental workers rescued 20 Egrets in Natore, Bangladesh

Environmental workers rescued 20 Egrets in Natore, Bangladesh

Five human hunters were hunting Egrets by making traps in the paddy field of Gurdaspur Upazila of Natore. After receiving the news, the environmental activists rescued 20 Egrets from there. Though the hunters escape, they have destroyed their seven traps in the field.

Nazmul Hasan, General Secretary of the Upazila Biodiversity Protection Committee, said, “The water in the Chalanbeel (a wetland in the Sirajganj, Natore, and Pabna districts of Bangladesh)”

is now low tide. Small fishes are now visible in fields and reservoirs. Flocks of Egrets are flying into the reservoir to eat those fish. A class of greedy people is setting traps to catch these Egrets.

To attract other Egrets, they made traps with palm leaves, banana leaves, and bamboo Kanchi and used an Egret as a prop. The hunters would move the Egret to attract flying Egrets into the trap. “

The Upazila Biodiversity Protection Committee members reported that they received the news of Egrets hunting in the Uttarpara field of Khubjeepur Union, which locates in the Upazila. Immediately they rushed there. Sensing their presence, the hunters ran away.

Mizanur Rahman, Vice President of the organization, said, “At this time of the year, more species of birds, including Egrets, arrive. On this occasion, a class of people became addicted to hunting these birds in different areas of the Upazila.”

In the last month, they have released hundreds of birds after rescue. Bird poaching can prevent significantly if the forest department and administration have awareness activities.

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