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 bangladesh nodi rokkha (river conservation) committee gave 1 year ultimatum for river protection
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 Bangladesh Nodi Rokkha (River Conservation) Committee gave 1-year ultimatum for river protection

 Bangladesh Nodi Rokkha (River Conservation) Committee gave 1-year ultimatum for river protection


Dr. Manjur Ahmed Chowdhury, Chairman of the National River Conservation Commission (NRCC), has given a one-year ultimatum to protect the rivers around Dhaka and keep the river water from pollution.

Manjur Ahmed said,” ‘ Bangabandhu‘s lifelong dream was to make Bangladesh a prosperous country. Such activities are against that dream.

Agencies protecting rivers or reservoirs will develop an action plan for the following year if the water condition remains like this on the day before Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary next year. Then we will take legal action against those involved in illegally occupying and polluting the rivers.

The chairman of NRCC further said, “There are four rivers: Buriganga River, Turag River, Shitalakshya River, and Balu River around Dhaka. The water of these rivers has become toxic due to pollution today.

Now we cannot mention them rivers rather than poisonous streams. No one can swim here. No one can take a bath. Nobody can walk along the riverbank for the pungent stench. However, those who are polluting are always hiding. “

“Water was synonymous with life. However, now it has turned into death. The National River Conservation Commission staff is working relentlessly to protect the rivers across the country.

Our honorable high court has declared the river as a living entity. We will work to save these rivers. We will go for whatever action needs for this,” he added. He spoke these while inspecting a canal’s pollution adjacent to the Turag River.

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