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Bangladesh Police Build Bird Nests on Tree Branches

Bangladesh Police Build Bird Nests on Tree Branches

Bangladesh Police Build Bird Nests on Tree Branches

By Amila Khan

In Chuadanga, Bangladesh hand made bird nests are being hung on tree branches, and through this, efforts are being made for the widespread presence and conservation of birds here. Sergeant Mrityunjay Biswas and his associates of the District Police Traffic Department are building nests on every tree branch in the city to build the sanctuary.

গাছে গাছে পাখির নীড় বেঁধে দিচ্ছে পুলিশ

On Monday morning, December 14, 2020, the Superintendent of Police Jahidul Islam started the operation by tying various types of pitchers and nests of birds made by bamboo on tree branches in front of the police line in Chuadanga town.

The police officer took the initiative to build the bird’s nest under the slogan ‘Where the police roam, there is a bird sanctuary.’ Five thousand earthen jugs and bamboo huts are being tied for birds’ free movement in 5 police stations, one outpost, 30 camps, and 39 establishments in the district where thousands of birds can live.

Mrityunjay Biswas, the Sergeant In the District Traffic Police Department, said that when people were under house arrest in Corona, he provided food to the birds then. He is still feeding the birds. These activities have started on their own fund to build a safe habitat for the birds and a safe place for their conservation.

When building the nests began, the police super told reporters that the police are always very human, but they have to be strict in some cases.

The police not only maintain law and order, but also participate in various social activities. This initiative of animals and birds is part of that work, but we will feel successful only if everyone’s cooperation and awareness increases. The police are now not only of the people but also for the animals.

He was accompanied by Additional Superintendent of Police Konak Kumar Das, Traffic Inspectors Fakrul Islam, Shahab Uddin, and Mahfuz Ahmed.

Source: GreenPage

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