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bangladesh's national bird is on the verge of extinction
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Bangladesh’s national bird is on the verge of extinction

Bangladesh’s national bird is on the verge of extinction

The bird that used to be seen dancing and playing in the gourd or bean loft or the courtyard of the house, whistling from here and there and calling sweetly from the doorstep of people, is not seen much anymore, but in the two-taka note of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government in Cablema. Where is the bird that captivated people from all over the green nature today? Where did it lose?

Yes, I am talking about the Robin Magpie, the national bird of Bangladesh. There was a time when nature became beautiful with the movement of the bird.

Nature was filled with vibrant shades of green, as it roamed freely. As soon as the sun rises in the morning, this bird wakes people up with a sweet call.

But unfortunately, this black-and-white memory-encrusted bird is not seen much anymore. Birds such as Parrot, Doves, Crows, Magpies, etc. can be seen in different areas, but the national bird Robin Magpie is not seen much anymore. Once you can hear the chirping sound of this familiar bird, but its sound is no longer heard.

Due to river erosion, houses are being built on cropland. New houses are being built every day somewhere due to population growth. Bird habitats are being destroyed by cutting trees and clearing forests. Today they are on the verge of extinction due to food shortages and lack of proper habitat.

As a result, birds like Robin magpie birds are not seen in the forest. Poachers are hunting and selling birds for profit.

In this, the birds are moving to other places to escape from the prey. Many times many birds are dying in their hands. But there is no activity of the administration.

Are these birds disappearing because the forest department authorities mismanage them or are they becoming extinct because of human-caused destruction of nature?

The Robin Magpie holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Bangladesh as their cherished national bird.

Therefore, we must play a strong role in the conservation of Doel birds along with raising awareness.

The conscious community has concerns about the potential disappearance of birds like Robin Magpie from the Bangladesh environment’s food chain. There are laws in the country to protect birds. We want that law to be strictly implemented.

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