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dolphins have been seen playing in the Bay of Bengal near the seashore
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Natural Environment

The natural conditions of the sea have begun to return

The natural conditions of the sea have begun to return, and the dolphins have been seen playing in the Bay of Bengal near the seashore

By Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir
(class VII – English version, Motijheel Ideal school, and college, Dhaka.)

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the largest sea beach in the world is seen with a swarm of dolphins. Tourist centers all over the country have been shut down to prevent coronavirus.

And because of this, a tourist at the cox’s Bazar sea beach has been reduced to zero. After the prohibition of the visit of the tourist in cox’s Bazar, peoples not being moved to the seacoast and which brings nature back to its way.

Now the water on the coast became blue and clean where dolphins are being played and a large nos. the tortilla is seen moving on the sandy beach. Local peoples said such dolphins have not been seen in the past few decades.

In the blue water of the sea, the floating dolphins play at their own pace. Such a scenario is also seen on many beaches of the country and abroad.

Now it cannot difficult to understand how humans’ movements being affected by animals and biodiversity. The scenario is seeing only after an implicit declaration to prevent coronavirus.

Unplanned tourism has much impact on biodiversity as well as create huge pollution. As a result, the earth landscapes are disappearing from us day by day. And we also losing Biodiversity’s in a similar way.

According to environmentalists, the natural environment at the sea besides Cox’s Bazar sea beach was not conducive to dolphins till before. So, the dolphins did not appear in such a way. But because of the ban to prevent coronavirus, the beach has turned into a human vacuum and therefore the sea beach has become pollution-free. That is why the dolphins have such a structure.

Environmentalists have suggested that the cox’s Bazar sea beach should be kept tourist free for a particular time from the next year so that nature can, again and again, rise with its own beauty.

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