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COVID-19 Coronavirus is present in mammalian Pangolin
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COVID-19 Coronavirus is present in mammalian Pangolin

COVID-19 Coronavirus is present in mammalian Pangolin

By Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir
(class VIII – English version, Motijheel Ideal school, and college, Dhaka)

it is reported that two types of viruses have been found in mammalian mangrove species Pangolin. Scientists say that two types of coronavirus found in Pangolin are similar to the virus (COVID-19) which is found in humans. News according to information from researchers at Hong Kong University, according to the international news media BBC.

In addition, this Pangolin is also using mammalian food and besides medicines are also made from this animal. The Chinese make their old traditional medicines using their body part. In fact, In China, there is a huge demand for the body scales of Pangolin.

In a journal of nature study, scientists say ‘caution is needed when catching and moving these animals. In the future, to prevent such virus-like coronavirus, the marketing of such wild animals should be strictly prohibited.

Professor Edward Holmes, a co-researcher at the University of Sydney, said that wildlife has a virus that can put people at risk of infection. He said that coronavirus has a relation with bats and as well as with Pangolin too. In this case, there are also possibilities for other wild animals to be involved.

Professor Andrew Cunningham, the zoological society of London says, ‘it is not wise to make any conclusions from this research.’

Meanwhile, wildlife buying and selling have started again in China since 26th March 2020.

source: BBC news

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