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Human Chain and bicycle rally held in Dhaka to demand climate justice 
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Bicycle rally in Dhaka to demand fossil fuel-free climate justice

Bicycle rally in Dhaka to demand fossil fuel-free climate justice

On September 15, 2023, a demonstration was held in front of the Bangladesh Environment Directorate building in the capital city. The demonstration included a human chain, bicycle rally, and thematic mime. The purpose of the demonstration was to demand climate justice and a shift away from fossil fuels.

Besides, the Chairman of Safe Development Foundation, Ibnul Saeed Rana, Director of Coast Foundation M Mustafa Kamal Akand, President of Bangladesh Cycle Lane Implementation Council, Md. Aminul Islam Tubbus, President of Global Law Thinkers Society Raoman Smita, General Secretary of Equity BD Syed Aminul Haque, and others. Representatives of social and environmental organizations were present on the occasion.

Former Caretaker Government Advisor Sultana Kamal announced the launch of all Human Bonds organized nationwide from the one held in Dhaka. Sharmin Murshid, Executive Director of Brati, gave a speech highlighting the ideas.

Sultana Kamal, the former adviser of the caretaker government, said, “It must phase out fossil fuel projects and switch to renewable energy to prevent global warming. Industrialized countries not cooperating are hindering the collective initiative to stop destructive environmental activities. Through these programs, we urge policymakers to take necessary steps to combat climate change.”

 “I urge world leaders attending the upcoming United Nations General Conference and UNSG Climate Ambition Summit to take immediate action on climate change rather than just discussing the issue,” she added.

While presenting the idea, Sharmin Murshid, Executive Director of Brati, said, “Today, we are holding various programs to demand climate justice across the country to realize our demands to deal with climate change.

This event is not limited to the gathering, but the participation of people from various programs and professions will strengthen our demands. As a country affected by climate change, we call on world leaders to take immediate action.”

Mr. MS Siddiqui, a member of the Bangladesh Competition Commission, emphasized, “The countries causing climate change should accept responsibility and take effective actions to address this crisis.

The world is being led towards more disasters by neglecting to take action plans and play an effective role in various global conferences.”

Mohammad Ejaz, the River and Delta Research Center chairman supported our program and warned that using hydrogen for electricity generation is risky in Bangladesh’s energy plan.

We have yet to acquire the technical and technical capabilities required to implement such a plan. Therefore, in adopting an energy policy, one should always consider the issue of own capacity and take the plan.

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