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chattagram epz fined tk 25 million due to environmental pollution
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Chattagram EPZ fined Tk 25 million due to environmental pollution

Chattagram EPZ fined Tk 25 million due to environmental pollution

The Department of Environment, Bangladesh fined the Chattaggram Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Tk 25 million for environmental pollution due to not correctly operating its Central Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Hillol Biswas, Director of the metropolitan office of the Department, imposed this fine recently.

 It held a hearing in this regard at the office of the Department of Environment. Mia Mahmudul Haque, Deputy Director of the Department, confirmed the matter and said that the liquid samples released from the ETP were tested on-site.

 It found evidence of contamination in it. Because of this, the Environment Department fined the EPZ at the end of the hearing. He said the same company was fined two Tk.2,00,000 earlier last year.

According to the Department of Environment sources, various parameters, including TDS, BOD and COD of the liquid released from the ETP are outside the acceptable standards as per the Environment Protection Rules 2023. For this reason, they are asked to attend the hearing.

Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury, Asif Mojtaba, Assistant General Managers of EPZ’s Central Waste Treatment Plant, and Chemist Swaroop Chakraborty were in the hearing.

It should note that the EPZ treats the waste of various factories through this central treatment plant.

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