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children are paying the highest price for climate change
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Children are paying the highest price for climate change

Children are paying the highest price for climate change


The children of the country have no role in climate change. However, the children of the country are paying the highest price.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), one in three children or about 20 million children in the country is affected by adverse weather, flood, river erosion, rising sea levels, and climate change.

The information presented at a event, titled ‘Visionary Speakers Event,’ was organized by UNICEF, the Alliance of World Vision and Nature Conservation Organizations (IUCN).

Climate change was the driving force behind violence against children, including child marriage and child labor.

The panelists said many of the children affected by climate change are living in urban slums, the panelists said. Their health and education prospects are in jeopardy. Millions of children trapping in exploitative child labor, child marriage, and trafficking.

Bangladesh ranks 15th out of 173 countries in the UNICEF Children’s Climate Risk Index. The index highlights how vulnerable children are to climate and environmental impact.

Sheldon Yate, UNICEF Representative in Bangladesh, said that, ‘’Children in Bangladesh are facing a climate crisis. The most vulnerable of these are children living in urban slums. Many of them are doing risky jobs, becoming victims of child marriage, and even sex workers.’’

Suresh Bartlett, National Director of World Vision Bangladesh, said that, ‘’Children and adolescents are essential messengers of change in the global fight against climate change.

Involving children in solving these problems would bring positive results. More considerable cooperation between stakeholders is needed to address climate-related issues that could cause long-term damage.’’

Rakibul Amin, IUCN’s country representative in Bangladesh said that, ‘’The Climate crisis makes vulnerable groups like women and children more vulnerable.

Resource scarcity, conflict, and displacement due to environmental degradation and climate change affect hard-earned development achievements. Ending gender-based violence and ensuring environmentally sustainable conditions will help achieve interconnected global goals.’’

Md. Alamgir Kabir, Youth Activist at World Vision Child and Youth Forum, said ‘’Adequate funding, awareness, and training would help young people choose the right path to protect themselves from the risks and effects of climate change.’’

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