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China is the first among all the countries in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)  emission
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China is the first among all the countries in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)  emission

China is the first among all the countries in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)  emission

By Zeba Tarannum

According to a recent research report of Rhodium Group, China alone emits the most Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) than all the other developed countries of the world together emits.

The Greenhouse Gas (GHGs)  are:

 Produces Naturally
Produce naturally and by human activities. Human Produces it’s mainly used fossil fuels such as Petroleum products (Diesel, Petrol, Octane, Natural gas, etc.) and Coal.
Human produces synthetically.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)  liable for Global warming.

According to the research conducted by the Rhodium Group  Rhodium Group, a US-based research and consulting firm, in 2019, China alone emitted 27% of the world’s Greenhouse Gas.

The US is next after China in the list. The country emitted 11% of the greenhouse gas. Then the third country is India, with 6.60% greenhouse gas emission.

Scientists warned that if the United States and China do not reach an agreement, it would be hard to avert dangerous climate change.

According to the Rhodium Group, China alone has more than tripled its greenhouse gas emissions over the last 30 years.

China is the most populous country in the world. Considering that, China’s greenhouse gas emissions per capita is lower than the United States. However, research says China’s per capita gas emissions have also increased.

China has vowed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2060. China’s current President Xi Jinping reiterated this pledge at a climate summit organized by US President Joe Biden last month.

China mainly depends on coal for fuel. The country has 1,058 coal-fired power plants.

In the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, 197 countries pledged to limit global warming to below 2° Celsius within this century. However, the countries have not yet met that target and not even close to completing it.

The climate analysts said China’s contribution is not enough, although China claimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Paris agreement.

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