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Climate Change No one knows the exact reason behind the reason of miscarriage
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Climate Change: No one knows the exact reason behind the reason of miscarriage

Climate Change: No one knows the exact reason behind the reason of miscarriage

Zeba Tarannum

Researchers have identified a new risk among the various risks due to climate change in Bangladesh’s coastal region. Increased salinity of the soil and lack of clean water is ruining the fetus of women. Soil fertility is also gradually declining. Those in good condition are leaving the village, but those living without any other choice are suffering the most.

The number of miscarriages of women in Failapara village of Chakaria Upazila of Chattogram has increased. Even though they have admitted to the miscarriages, no one knows why this is happening. Many people were surprised after learning about excess salt in soil and water and its effects.

A 32 years old Senwara Begum lost her 2.5 months old fetus a year ago. She has been pregnant again for seven months. She told a reporter although the unborn baby is healthy so far, unknown fears torment her.

After talking to all the health workers and most of the victims of Failapara Village of Chakaria Upazila, Chattogram, most of the women’s fetus dies before the age of 6 months. However, no one could give a scientific explanation regarding this thing.

Razia, who became a mother of two daughters for the eight-time after having seven miscarriages, said with sorrow, what a pain it is to lose a fetus so many times and repeatedly despite seeking medical attention is nothing but to slay the slain. For more than ten years, Ismat Jahan Khuki and Kawsar Jannat work as field workers in the Chakaria branch of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR’B).

They said the two of them were continually alerting the women of the village about the miscarriage. However, despite knowing this, those who settled in this area are not wealthy enough to take shelter elsewhere. No matter what the problem is, they have to stay here.

White coatings are found in various dry areas of other villages of Chakaria Upazila, including Failapara and Manikpara. When asked about this, a villager said, these are like salt. If water rises somewhere, it turns white after it goes down.

Umme Habiba (40 years) lost her baby two years ago. Acknowledging the excess salt in the soil and water here, she said, even 25-30 years ago, the lands here were very fertile and produced many crops.

But now, many people have given up farming as there is no such crop produced. She hoped the government would look into the overall matter.

The last of the two children of Sanoara Begum of Manikpara village in Chakaria died in the womb 11 years ago. She said, “I have heard from many that a child dies in the womb, but could not guess this is the reason behind it. We thought by Allah’s will the child dies in the womb.”

The first child of Romana Begum of Manikpara village died in her womb three years ago. She found the matter from a doctor after conducting an Ultrasound. After the first miscarriage, I have to hear many harsh words from my in-laws.

Visiting several villages near Chakaria, it is seen that most of the men here are involved in the salt business. In the dry season, they collect and sell salt. Per Maund (or Mann equals 40 Kilograms) of unrefined salt is sold at Tk. 500-600. And those who do not trade in salt go to the city or suburban in search of work and do something else.

Dr. Manzoor Hanifi, ICDDR’s scientist, is involved in this project. He said, normally, a healthy person eats 5 grams of salt a day, but people here eat 16 grams. For those who are living 20 kilometers away from the coastal area, the miscarriage rate there is 1.5 times higher than theirs, which is constantly increasing. The southern part of the country, i.e., Khulna, the Sundarbans, is not likely to be an exception.

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