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Climate Change Related Natural Disasters killed 4 lakh People Worldwide in the Last Decade
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Climate change risks more people dying than the corona

Climate change risks more people dying than the corona

BY Amila Khan

Many people will lose their lives every year by 2050 if no immediate steps are taken to prevent climate change. The Corona pandemic killed as many people in one year; more people will die each year in the middle of this century due to climate change.

Mark Canary, the former governor of the Bank of England, has expressed such fears. He lamented that where work should now be done to prevent billions of people, billions of dollars are being spent to destroy the environment while keeping the economy’s wheel in motion.

Mark Canary was the first head of the Bank of Canada. He then served as Governor of the Bank of England until 2020. He is currently serving as the United Nations Envoy for Climate Action and Finance. He said the Corona pandemic and the ravages of climate change are now moving in parallel. But this equation is getting worse.

In a discussion in Business Asia on Climate Change Challenges, he said that whenever climate change is linked to human life, it will be apparent that more people will die each year. Climate change in the middle of this century than as many people dies each year due to corona.

Governments in various countries are spending trillions of dollars on rebuilding the post-Corona economy. But the cost of preventing carbon emissions is negligible.

Coincidentally, carbon emissions were low last year because people did not have the opportunity to travel.
But at this juncture, investment in renewable energy and environmentally friendly infrastructure should be doubled.

He said over the next three decades, 3.5 trillion per year would have to be invested in various environmental protection sectors.

There are 170 trillion in private investment worldwide. Banks, investment funds, and individuals, everyone is questioning where to invest that investment will be profitable and stable.

The United States is back in the fight against climate change. Meanwhile, China, the world’s most polluting country, says it will reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2060.

Meanwhile, they continue to build coal-fired power plants, which use 80 percent of their fossil fuels. Mark Canary said the sooner China moves away from using coal, the better for the rest of the world.

Ref: GreenPage

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