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cop26 the time to promise for good or bad
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COP26: the time to promise for good or bad

COP26: the time to promise for good or bad


Although environmentalists are disappointed with the china-Indian declaration, politicians say it is good in bad. The fancy protests of the protesters continued.

On the third day (November 2) of the Climate Summit, an extreme cry of an endangered country got heard. Surangel Whips Jr., President of the high-risk island nation of Palau, said there was no dignity in slowly dying. The impending danger of climate change means that it is better to bomb them.

Outside the conference, protests were highlighting the failure of rich countries to tackle climate change. Protesters in downtown Glasgow continued their fancy protests that started during the third day and continued on Wednesday (November 4).

On November 3, 2021, around 60 heads of state and governments got scheduled to speak at the day-long gathering. On the first day of the meeting, however, the leaders of the industrialized nations, which are at the top of the list of polluting countries, underlined their individual countries’ promises.

It is pretty uncertain whether a joint political announcement will make from the summit of leaders. Still, already on Tuesday (November 2) night, an agreement got to announce to stop deforestation in the world within the current decade.

This is the first agreement reached at this year’s Climate Conference, COP 26. The pact seems like a significant step forward because President Bolsonaro, the populist Brazilian administration severely criticized for destroying the Amazon, the world’s largest forest resource, has also engaged in it.

Hundreds of countries that have agreed to the agreement will provide about 1.4 billion in funding for it. The United States has also announced plans to invest in afforestation projects by various financial institutions and business groups.

According to the COP 26 President’s Office, the leaders of 114 countries have signed an agreement to prevent deforestation. However, Bangladesh is not on the published list.

Experts, however, warn that an agreement got reached in 2014, but it has not got any implementation. There are even allegations that about 12 percent of the Amazon in Brazil got destroyed.

Deforestation affects the effects of climate change. This is because it reduces the amount of carbon gas absorbed.

A meeting on the interests, initiatives, and expectations of the CVF members of COP-26 and beyond, headed by Coalition President Bangladesh, also adopted the Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration. The announcement’s specifics, however, were not immediately available.

One of the most anticipated issues surrounding the climate conference is the commitment of all countries to achieve equilibrium or achieve net-zero by reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and also removing them equally from the atmosphere by 2050 to keep global temperatures rising beyond 1.50C in the current century.

However, last Tuesday’s (November 2) announcement made by China and India, two of the world’s top polluters, made it pretty sure that would not be achieved net industrial zero by 2050 unless other industrialized nations reduced their emissions by more.

China, the world’s top polluter, has previously said its goal is to achieve Net Zero by 2060, and President Xi Jinping’s speech at the conference last Tuesday did not change that goal.

Furthermore, the fourth top polluter, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has announced that his country will achieve Net Zero in 2070.

Environmentalists and street protesters expressed disappointment over the announcement, but politicians attending the conference have called it good in bad. Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen made the remarks in response to whether COP-26 could be called a success after the announcement by China and India.

“If a decision gets to make to comply with the pledge of 100 billion annually to prepare or adapt to the situation of the countries at risk, it will be a good achievement.” The foreign ministry added.

Outraged environmentalists will not be satisfied with these decisions. Last Tuesday night, loud protests were at the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery and Museum at a dinner hosted in honor of world leaders.

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager, told another youth protest in central Glasgow that the leaders pretended to be sincere, but they were not.

The presence of cartoons depicting world leaders also got noticed in yesterday’s protest events. Netflix’s squid game got symbolically embodied with a cutout of leaders at the Clyde Ark near the conference center.

The story of attracting children to large-scale gambling in squid games is one of the highlights of capitalism. Hundreds of protesters from the Extension Rebellion took up positions in front of the office of American Bank JP Morgan.

They demanded that JP Morgan, one of the largest investors in the fossil fuel sector, immediately have to stop investing in this sector.

The Scottish Event Center (SEC), one of the largest areas of the SEC in the Green Zone, is hosting the main event of the climate conference and the discussion and bargaining of experts in different groups. Apart from that, meetings and seminars are held simultaneously in separate pavilions of other countries and organizations.

There were long lines to enter the convention center yesterday, and one had to wait for an hour to complete the security formalities. There is, of course, direct access for heads of state and governments, and ministers. Exhibitions of new and pollution-free technologies and discussions on various commercial initiatives are underway in the zone on the other side of the river.

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