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COVID-19 Coronavitus Lockdown: Rooftop Gardening Can Make the Enjoyment

COVID-19 Coronavitus Lockdown: Rooftop Gardening Can Make the House – Arrest People Enjoyment

People all over the world are now leading a life under house arrest due to the coronavirus pandemic. People living in cities are deprived of the beauty of the natural environment. But the natural environment can calm and relax a person after living a stressful life.

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown situation, people can’t go out of their homes to enjoy the natural environment. But there is another way.

Rooftop gardening can provide opportunities to enjoy the touch of the natural environment. Many rooftops are still barren in Bangladesh.

People who are the owner of more than one house in cities tend to rent those. But tenants are often not interested in roof gardening because they are uncertain about how long they are going to live in a rented house.

But if tenants and owners do rooftop gardening jointly, both of them can enjoy the beauty of nature. That is why everyone should take the initiative to make a rooftop garden in every building.

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There are many kinds of plants that can be planted in containers. Such kinds of small to medium-sized plants are eligible for roof gardens. Especially the flowering plants are suitable for roof gardening as people love flowers.

The number of forests in Bangladesh is decreasing day by day, which is leading us to face many problems. Trees provide us Oxygen. So if we plant trees at our responsibility, it will be beneficial for all of us.

People living in urban areas are not exposed to the beauty of the natural environment. But roof gardens can make people feel the beauty of nature.

Trees are a friend of humans. Every part of a tree is helpful for us. Rooftop farming is the best solution for smart urban agriculture.

Fruit trees are also suitable for roof gardening. Different types of fruit plants like guava, mango, citrus, apple, and etcetera can be nurtured in the container.

And these plants can be used for roof gardening. Then people will be able to meet the demands of fruit as well as spend some time with trees and nature.

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