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COVID 19 crisis Increasing the use of One-time Plastic Cups causes the Environmental Hazzard
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COVID 19 crisis: Increasing the use of One-time Plastic Cups causes the Environmental Hazzard

COVID 19 crisis: Increasing the use of One-time Plastic Cups causes the Environmental Hazzard

By Adnan Mahfuz

The business of one-time plastic teacups is booming due to the demand during the coronavirus crisis. This cup is being sold in Khulna, the second commercial capital of Bangladesh, almost 1 million dailies.

The use of plastic teacups to prevent corona infection has increased a lot. But this cup is now becoming a death trap. One of the leading causes of the terrible environmental damage is this cup is imperishable.

Millions of plastic teacups are being thrown away after use every day. Environmentalists have demanded an immediate ban on the use of the cup, which threatens the Environment.

Advocate Kudrat-e-Khuda, secretary, Citizens for Good Governance (SUJAN) of Khulna Divisional Committee, said, “These plastic teacups, which are harmful to the environment, will create a terrible situation for the Environment in future.”

“Customers are throwing these cups in the drain after taking tea.” Which causes waterlogging by trapping water in the drainage systems and polluting the Environment also It is necessary to take Initiatives now to stop the production and use of this cup.

The civic leader thinks that people can be made aware of the use of paper cups as an alternative.

Brajendra Nath Sana, the owner of Govinda Store in Bara Bazar, a one-time teacup wholesaler, said they are seven or eight wholesalers in Khulna. Now, every wholesaler sells about one lakh cups every day (10 lakhs = 1 million).

The price of 100 plastic cups of tea is being kept at BDT. 75 to 78. And paper cups are more expensive, and this is why the use of paper cups is decreasing. These cups are eco-friendly. The plastic cup demand is higher because of its lower price in comparison to paper cups. He said although it is risky for the Environment, plastic teacups are sold due to the high demand.

Jahangir Hossain, a new tea seller at Khalishpur, Khulna said he was in another profession before the pandemic has broken out. He became jobless after the COVID 19 lockdown started. Then he had to enter into the tea selling profession, and this profession is so lucrative. So, he left his old job and started selling tea.

He is buying 100 plastic cups at TK.95 and paper cups at Taka 110 ( $1= Tk.85).

Palash, another tea seller at People’s Gate, khalishpur, Khulna said that at present the price of one hundred cups of plastic is Tk.80, previously which was Tk.50-60.

Mamun Hossain, a teacup retailer in Daulatpur, Khulna said due to the demand for plastic cups higher it became cheaper. Paper cups are being sold at 90 paise ( Tk.1 = 100 paisa) wholesale and retail at one taka per piece.

However, even if the price is high, paper cups are suitable for the Environment. It does not pollute the environment as it is perishable. Also then we have to sell plastic teacups in the hope of making more profit. However, he said that if the Government bans, they will not sell plastic teacups which are harmful to the environment.

Mahfuzul Rahman Mukul, the Khulna divisional coordinator of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association-BELA, said, ‘One-time plastic teacups are not safe for the Environment.

It should be stopped. These cups are being thrown here and there. Abandoned as it is not perishable, this cup is obstructing the flow of water in the drain. This is polluting the environment.

Mahbub Alam Badsha, Chief Executive of a Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO) Chaya Briksho, said, “One-time plastic teacups are now in the tea shops. The use of these cups has increased in the Corona crisis. But there is no way to put them in a specific place.”

Mr. A. Aziz, Chief Waste Management Officer of Khulna City Corporation, said, “One-time plastic teacups have been added to the plastic bottles to clean the drains. Piles of these cups have been found in drains since coronavirus infection. These cups are causing new problems.”

If the Government gives subsidies on one-time use of paper teacup and also imposed a higher tax on the manufacturing of a one-time-use plastic cup, this situation will be easily solved.

News Source: The Green Page (Bengali Version) Online

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