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demand to increase the use of renewable energy to protect the environment
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Demand to increase the use of renewable energy to protect the environment

Demand to increase the use of renewable energy to protect the environment


Bangladeshi young climate activists called on the government and investors to withdraw from fossil fuel dependency.

According to them, environmentally harmful activities should stop and encourage renewable energy for an energy-secure and sustainable Bangladesh.

The climate strike program was celebrated worldwide on Saturday under the call of Fridays For Future‘ a global school student movement on climate change.

On this strike, the young workers of two organizations called Fridays for Future Bangladesh, and YouthNet for Climate Justice made this demand in the rally organized in front of the National Press Club.

Worldwide celebrated the program to reduce global carbon emissions and demand compensation from countries responsible for it.

With the slogan ‘We Want Climate Justice’ in front of them, the local youth expressed their solidarity with this call as part of the global climate strike through the streets and online.

As part of the global program, students of schools, colleges, and universities in 26 districts of Bangladesh observed a climate strike.

Young climate activists called on important stakeholders to stop importing fossil fuels amid the country’s ongoing electricity and energy crisis.

They said that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a fossil fuel, putting pressure on the country’s economy by importing it.

Instead, it will be possible to move towards a secure energy future if a new master plan for the power sector is created to increase the share of renewable energy.

Other demands of young climate activists at the rally included an end to pollution, pressure on developed countries to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by dissuading multinational corporations from investing in fossil fuel-based power generation.

Young climate activists call for effective mechanisms to provide financial compensation for lives and property in countries affected and at risk by climate change.

It also called on developed countries to formulate and implement a rapid and effective compensation strategy by providing funding for adaptation measures on a priority basis.

Young people criticize developed countries and big corporations for making false promises to reduce carbon emissions. They said that the current world is going through a critical moment due to the impact of climate change.

The United Nations has called this situation an ominous sign for humanity. Governments and related investors must take responsibility for the activities that destroy Nature and the environment through harmful fossil fuels. They must all do their part to promote renewable energy.

Sohanur Rahman, the Coordinator of Youthnet, said at the gathering, “Climate crisis has become a big disaster for our country and the world.

Ending the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and encouraging the use of renewable energy for the future is essential to overcome the climate crisis. It is also necessary to ensure compensation from polluting countries. This world is ours. So, it is our responsibility to protect this world.”

At that time, Professor Salimul Haque, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development(ICCCAD) said, “It is clear that the polluting countries are facing the loss of life and resources of the world due to human-made climate change.

Both governments and fossil fuel companies are responsible and must be held accountable. It is time to confront the real culprits behind the climate crisis, the fossil fuel companies.

They have knowingly caused harm for profit and are influencing the politicians of the polluting countries, who are blocking the progress of related work and measures.”

Badiul Alam Majumdar, Global Vice President and Country Director of the non-governmental organization The Hunger Project, said, “Nature and the environment must save from destruction.

We need collective action to create mass awareness and responsible behavior and prevent environmentally destructive activities. The youth can play the most influential role in this field.”

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