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Demanding to Raise Funding Triple to Restore Nature
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Demanding to Raise Funding Triple to Restore Nature

Demanding to Raise Funding Triple to Restore Nature

 By Zeba Tarunnum

Global annual spending needs to triple in the current decade to protect and restore nature. For this, US$350 billion is required by 2030.

In addition, this spending will rise to US$536 billion by 2050. The United Nations report stated this. In this report, traders, investors, and the government were asked to come forward to protect nature.

Due to the adverse effects of climate change, the environment is under threat. The rise of global warming is causing various natural disasters, including drought in different countries of the globe. To protect the earth from this catastrophe nature protection is essential.

Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), said while publishing this report, although the fund required for the protection of nature seems large, it is very essential for securing the planet and our future.

Our health, our jobs, the quality of our lives, temperature regulation, the housing we build and the food we eat, the water we drink” everything depends on well-functioning natural systems

Ivo Mulder, head of UNEP Climate Finance unit, now is the time for everyone to come forward to protect nature. However, this step must be fair and sustainable. Moreover, there is nothing impossible in it.

The annual fund to conserve nature in 2020 was US$133 billion. Public Sector provided 86% of this fund and the rest came from the private sector.

UNEP report also stated Government fund was mainly for biodiversity protection, forest and wetland restoration, regenerative agriculture, and reservoir conservation.

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