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Suddenly Ganges Water turned Green at Varanasi in India
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Suddenly Ganges Water turned Green at Varanasi in India

Suddenly Ganges Water turned Green at Varanasi in India! What are the Scientists saying about the growing Panic?

 By Zeba Tarunnum

As public life became standstill due to last year’s lockdown, the environmental pollution reduced a lot. Everyone saw its effect in the Ganges and its nearby area. However, the opposite scenario is seen as the years go by.

After the second wave of COVID-19 , the old transparency of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is not seen anymore. Infect, the water of Ganga is changing its color. From different moorages of Ganga, it is visible that the water of the Ganga has turned green.

According to scientists, if the greenish color prevails longer, then the matter must be analyzed. In this case, the water may turn toxic. Meanwhile, the common people of Varanasi are worried about Ganga. In total, at 84 moorages of Ganga, the condition of the water is the same.

 According to Ram Babu, a resident, the water of Ganga turning green is nothing new. Usually, algae come into the Ganga water from the pond during the monsoon due to heavy rainfall.

However, that could be seen from a few moorages. Now it has spread to 84 moorages. He said, even a bad smell is coming from the water.

According to B. D. Tripathi, the chairman of Mahamana Malaviya Research Centre for Ganga at Banaras Hindu University, “This type of green color is usually seen in the pond or canal water.

Nevertheless, it is not commonly seen in the waters of the Ganga. If the color of the water remains the same for a long time, the neurotoxin microsystem ​​may form in the water. Which may turn the water toxic.

On the other hand, the Environmentalists are saying, during the monsoon, algae float into the Ganga from nearby ponds or canals. They grow there rapidly with the help of Phosphate and Sulfur. Not only reservoirs it can also come from fields or irrigation water.

However, according to environmentalists, there is nothing to fear about it. This is a natural process that generally occurs almost every year between March to May, so there is nothing to be panicked about. However, bathing in this water can cause skin diseases, and drinking it can cause severe damage to the liver.

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