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Dragon fruit plantation in the roof garden tub to keep the roof nice

Dragon fruit plantation in the roof garden tub to keep the roof nice

Dragon fruit plantation in the roof garden tub to keep the roof nice

Dragon fruit is mainly a famous American fruit that has gained huge popularity in our country recently. In 2007 various types of this fruit were first brought from Thailand, Florida, and Vietnam to our country

It is pink colored with soft shells and sweet flavor that is very delicious to eat. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, mineral nutrients, and an excellent source of fiber. The dragon fruit tree resembles cactus. The inner part of the small round Dragon fruit is usually red and white also the inner part of the dragon fruit contains small soft seeds. The weather in our country is suitable for cultivating the Dragon fruit, and the experimental cultivation has yielded good results still now.

If you want to grow Dragon fruit in a large tub or drum in the roof garden, you can fulfill both your hobby and nutrition. The process of cultivation of the Dragon fruit in the roof garden is described in detail below.

When is the best time to cultivate dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit can usually be grown throughout the year. Since it is a fairly tough species tree, it can plant saplings almost in all seasons. However, if anyone wants a good benefit from this, it is best to plant seedling from the month of April to September which will be beneficial.

What kind of tub needed for cultivation?

It can cultivate at a rooftop garden in the mud pot or plastic drum. However, it is best if it can be done with a drum size of 25 inches. Because the drum of this size will be able to disperse the seedlings well and will yield much better.

What kind of soil is needed?

Although Dragon fruit can cultivate in almost all types of soil for better results, it should pick the organic sandy loam soil. In the beginning, it needs to collect sandy loam soil and clean it well then mix the amount of cow dung quantitatively, 50 grams Potash and 50 grams TSP fertilizer with the soil.

It is best to soak a mixture of fertilizers and soil with the amount of water. Then leave all the materials in a selected drum for 10 to 12 days. The next step is to crumble the soil well and keep it for at least 5 days. When the soil becomes somewhat dry, plant a good variety of cutting seeds in the drum or container to help the plant to grow.

Irrigation and Care

If the Dragon fruit plant is not taken care of is properly, the yield will not be good. Though the plant is not attacked by crop disease other care needs to be taken regularly. After planting the seedlings, place the drum in a sunny place.

As it is a cactus tree that does not have to give too much water for cultivation. To remove the unused or excess water there should make 4 to 5 holes on the bottom of the drum. And it should make before filling the soil.

When giving water to the sapling, be sure not to rinse it with water.The dragon’s branches are like creeping plants, so it should fasten them with poles as soon as the tree grows.

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