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Cool and Soothing time at ‘Chhera’ Island
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Cool and Soothing time at ‘Chhera’ Island

An Island surrounded by blue water, green forests, a clear blue sky and black coral reefs. The island of Bangladesh named Chhera Dip truly is an unspeakable natural beauty. This island is located 8km far from Saint-Martin at Cox’s Bazar.

The water surrounding the island is so transparent that even fish can be seen clearly with bare eyes beneath the ocean floor. There are numerous white and black stones around, such as the kingdom of stone. Seeing such transparent blue water and who is nota swimmer wishes to dive down the water and bath.

The island is only three kilometers in size. The island has taken the form of forests with various species of plants. However, there is more of a banana tree than others. Living-dead stones. Sand around the green, and coral around the sand and the blue world of the sea. Such a wonderful combination of nature. Everything is arranged step by step. However, when the tide comes about half of the island is submerged with water.

There is no arrangement for tourists staying overnight. Since 1997, only one family has lived on this island

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