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due to the adverse effects of natural disasters, the progress of bangladesh is going backward
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Due to the adverse effects of natural disasters, the progress of Bangladesh is going backward

Due to the adverse effects of natural disasters, the progress of Bangladesh is going backward

 Due to the adverse effects of climate change, human intervention in nature, unplanned urbanization, and the effects of river management, the dangers of Bangladesh have increased several times.

In addition to the loss of life and property in various natural disasters, the amount of economic loss has also increased greatly, which is delaying the development progress of Bangladesh.

Speakers said these things at a media advocacy meeting virtually held recently. The meeting was organized at Light House, a social service organization with the support of USAID’s Happy Life Project, Pathfinder International.

Under the chairmanship of Harun Or Rashid, the executive head of Light House, Golam Rabbani, Head of BRAC’s Climate Change Fund, and Roshan, coordinator of the National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors and Farooq Ahmed Talukder, Member Secretary of Bangladesh Editors Forum among others spoke at the meeting.

According to the speakers, Bangladesh’s geographical position exposes it to many natural disasters. Situated between the Eurasian Plate, the Indian Plate, and the Burma Plate, this country is particularly susceptible to earthquakes.

Moreover, Bangladesh falls victim to the impact of climate change, adding to its already formidable challenges. Unfortunately, poverty and overcrowding exacerbate the deadly consequences of these climate-induced changes.

In the original article, Haroon or Rashid said, “Disaster risk, damage, and livelihoods are major obstacles to people’s lives and livelihoods, huge barriers are for the poor. Global disaster risk is increasing due to

changing technologies, unplanned urbanization, environmental and geographic disasters, the AIDS epidemic, climate change, geological disasters, and population growth.

To overcome these challenges, it is important to include disaster risk reduction in different policies, plans, and programs. This is necessary to ensure both poverty alleviation and sustainable development.”

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