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eco friendly plan should be made to protect the country, prime minister, bangladesh
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Eco-friendly plan should be made to protect the country: Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Eco-friendly plan should be made to protect the country: Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that whatever plan is adopted must be environment friendly. The country must always be protected from the harm of climate change. Planning should be done with that goal in mind.

At the same time, the issue of cost must also be taken into consideration. He said this at the inauguration of the 61st Convention of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) at the premises of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh at Ramona in the capital of Dhaka on May 11, 2024.

The Prime Minister is asking engineers to think about how the project will help the country and the people, and if it will make money. They should consider what the people will gain and what the project will earn. Can’t just build for the sake of building. I have told everyone in Parliament that. Otherwise, no project will be approved.

Sheikh Hasina called on engineers to prioritize research. She emphasized the importance of utilizing the innovative power and talent of engineers for agricultural mechanization in the country.

What is being produced should be preserved and processed to meet the needs of the people of the country and focus on exports. We need research and planning with that goal in mind.

The government aims to improve from the grassroots level. It includes increasing the purchasing power and per capita income through various projects. We have been able to maintain the status of a developing country.

Plans have also been made as to how we will proceed in the future. We can face all challenges. Prepare in that way.

The Prime Minister mentioned that there are many people who dislike the development in the country. He said, “There is a certain group that dislikes everything.” People are enjoying the benefits of Padma Bridge, people’s life has become easier. They can’t accept it. There has been criticism about the satellite launch.

Earlier satellite TV channels had to be connected from abroad by spending dollars. It doesn’t take today. We can connect to remote areas. I can take care of the deep sea. The second time the satellite will be launched, it will be able to provide more extensive services.’ – she added.

Addressing the critics, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘A nuclear power plant that does not pollute the environment. Why not take advantage of these modern technologies? Stay behind? Why do those who criticize it get in the car? Why get on the plane? Why not ride the bullock cart?’

The head of government said to the engineers, “It doesn’t matter who said what.” It is a matter of seeing whether the common people are well, whether they are improving. You, too, will look at whether the fortunes of the grassroots people are changing in each of your actions.’

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