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effective measures should be taken to prevent climate change
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Effective measures should be taken to prevent climate change

Effective measures should be taken to prevent climate change

Currently, a major problem in Bangladesh is environmental degradation and pollution. Now, natural disasters like floods, droughts cyclones, tidal waves, and other environmental issues, along with weather instability, have become a daily companion of people.

Human activities are mainly responsible for this. Indiscriminate deforestation, overpopulation, poverty, black smoke from vehicles, loud honking horns, location of industries and brick kilns in residential areas are polluting the environment. Climate change is caused due to ecological imbalance.

As a result of global climate change, Bangladesh is also having a temporary or permanent negative impact; the risk is increasing. Continuously, it is affected by sea level rise, salinity problems, river direction changes due to Himalayan ice melting, floods, etc.

Apart from this, the level of natural disasters is also very high. According to a study, Bangladesh ranks first among the top 10 affected countries in terms of damages due to climate change.

Seasonal variation is present in Bangladesh since climate. The monsoon season lasts from June to October. At this time, the country receives heavy rains due to the influence of monsoons, which often lead to floods.

Apart from this, natural disasters such as cyclones, tornadoes or low pressure in the sea, cyclones, tidal waves, etc., occur on the land immediately before or after the departure of the monsoon, which Bangladesh is almost regularly affected by. However, due to the direct impact of climate change, this typical picture of Bangladesh has changed a lot.

As a result of the adverse effects of climate change, severe cyclones, tidal surges, and sea level rise in the coastal areas of Bangladesh have led to the intrusion of saline water into freshwater areas.

As a result, access to drinking water, freshwater-dependent agriculture, and livelihoods of vulnerable coastal communities have been severely impacted. This adverse effect of climate change is more severe on the women and children of the region. Climate change also has a severe impact on the lives of school-college students.

Many girls get married at a young age. They drop out of school. Due to family crises, many teenagers are forced to join the workforce. In a report published in the daily news recently, this picture of Pratapnagar of Asashuni Upazila of Satkhira, North Bedkashi of Koira Upazila of Khulna, and South Bedkashi Union emerged.

This image is now very familiar. We like to call this current climate change ‘human-made.’ Nature’s revenge is merciless. Nature will hurt humans a hundred times more than humans will hurt nature. Humans have begun to bear the brunt of the violence they have inflicted on nature.

Past climate changes were natural. But now the change is the responsibility of the people. If the rate of temperature rise is not controlled, our beautiful world will become uninhabitable shortly.

Because the increase in surface temperature will increase the water content in the upper and lower atmosphere, wet areas will be wetter and dry regions drier.

As a result, human survival will become problematic. We all have to think about how to save this world now.

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