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eight friends traveled about 600 km. on bicycles to grow environmental awareness among the people of india
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Eight friends traveled about 600 km. on bicycles to grow Environmental awareness among the people of India

Eight friends traveled about 600 km. on bicycles to grow Environmental awareness among the people of India


The environment will survive. The world will be pollution-free. After removing the black shadow of environmental pollution, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. Eight friends ran from the plains to the mountains at a distance of about 600 km. to give this message.

Eight young men were traveled to Darjeeling  on a bicycle from Phulia in Nadia to give the message of protecting the environment in the festival of colors. They have given the message of saving the environment in this long journey. There will also be small campaigns.

Intimacy takes the form of familiarity on the playground. A group of eight friends from Phulia rushed to Darjeeling to spread the message of saving the environment, leaving behind the colorful youth of Holi. In that journey, Mahitosh Ghosh of this group ran on foot, and Dipankar, Gopal, Surjit, Sameeran, Ajay, Sujit, Praloy, and the other seven friends cycled up the hill.

Everyone has the same purpose. The goal is to build a drug-free life. Young people need to understand how vital regular exercise is. Everyone must get the message to save the earth from environmental pollution like water, soil, air.

They will also explain the need to plant trees. Eight friends will spread leaflets in different areas along the way and hold small seminars. Their friendship started from Phulia’s educational ground, and the journey started from there.

All of them are students of Chakdaha College. The former army organization and rural committee chairman Utpal Basak has joined them. He handed over a vest named after his committee Phulia Township.

Saluting this great initiative, he said that he would take care to make their journey smoothly administratively. On the other hand, various sports-loving people and ordinary people also greeted them.

Aiming to reach Darjeeling on foot, Mahitosh Ghosh said, “Our goal will see the light. We took bags and dried food.

We Contacted various voluntary organizations. Their cooperation will need on the way. Due to summer, we will rest during day time. However, we will travel all night and the following day to reach the destination in the afternoon.

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