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World Localization Day 2024 Celebrated in Dhaka
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World Localization Day 2024 Celebrated in Dhaka

World Localization Day 2024 Celebrated in Dhaka


Yesterday, on 30 June 2024, World Localization Day is being celebrated in Dhaka. The event is organized by the Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust. The aim is to create a safe world for children through localization.

World Localization Day 2024 Celebrated in Dhaka

On June 21, 2024 and until the end of June, this day is being celebrated every year all over the world with the aim of how every nation of the world can improve its own country and build a beautiful liable world by using its own art-culture-tradition, ability and potential.

Currently, Bangladesh is going through severe economic crisis and climate disaster due to globalization. In spite of this difficult crisis, Bangladesh has many possibilities and capabilities.

The main objective of localization is to highlight the local dress, food, festivals, sports, local art-culture-tradition, language practice, indigenous traditions and many more. Also highlighting the importance of localization to strengthen the local economy.


On this year’s Localization Day, the organizers organize various activities for children. It aims to introduce children to Bangladesh, help them learn about the country, understand its challenges, and realize its potential to progress and become a beautiful nation.

 At the beginning of World Localization Day 2024, the opening speaker Engineer Md Mahfuzur Rahman, Adviser of Green Page News Portal, mentioned in his speech that there are several things in our country that we have forgotten.

“They were very beneficial for our health and environment. All these things should be brought back into our daily life. In this case, we need to do more work to create awareness like today’s event. So, that children can know about our tradition, culture, culture,” Engineer Rahman added.

 MA Mannan Monir Sir, Chairman of Dhaka Ideal Cadet School said, “Our children today do not know about local food and fruits. Due to the influence of advertisements, they have forgotten the names of all the local dishes.

We need to inform the next generation about this traditional food and culture of our country, otherwise we will face a major existential crisis and the result will be negative on the overall economy of the country and very harmful to our environment.”

“A great example of this is polythene bags. Polythene bags used to have no place in our culture and lifestyle, but now polythene bags are being used everywhere which is very harmful to the environment.

The speaker in his speech urged all the students, from today we all take a pledge to ditch polythene bags and instead start using bags made of our indigenous jute.

If we can develop this habit, we can save our environment to a great extent. And that will be the benefit of our localization,” he continued.

 In the closing speech, Gaus Peary, Director of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust said, “About localization, localization is a concept through which we can recognize our country, get to know it and through it, we can also solve the existing problems in our country.

“Gaus Peari also said, “Many students are present in today’s event, I would like to tell them that you all know about our country and take the positive aspects of the country and take the country forward.”


“Currently, ‘World Localization Day’ is being celebrated in around 174 countries around the world. The purpose of this celebration is not to separate from the world but to conquer the world by knowing the country,” she informed.

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