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environmental pollution should prevent to protect biodiversity
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Environmental pollution should prevent to protect biodiversity

Environmental pollution should prevent to protect biodiversity


A single definition of the environment at large is not accurate. Naturally, it varies according to the content. It predicted that a habitable environment formed on earth 3.3 million years ago.

According to scientific research data, the existence of mammals can find 238 million years ago, flowering plants 140 million years ago, and human civilization 20 million years ago.

 The history of the world is long, and the concept of environment is gradually changing in the evolution of time. Simply put, everything we see around us is our environment.

Human civilization has progressed in various fields over time. It has also changed the quality of life. It isn’t easy to measure the contribution and sacrifice of the environment for development and progress.

In the course of so much progress, development, and change, environmentalists, including scientists, are giving importance to environmental protection.

Analyzing several statistical data from the beginning of the century, it has been evident that one every 20 minutes and 140 animal species per day are disappearing from the earth. In addition, 685 hectares of land turn into desert every hour, and 60 people have been diagnosed with cancer.

On the other hand, on average, 21 hectares of forest land are cleared every minute worldwide. Apart from this, 35 thousand liters of petroleum are burning as fuel. As natural resources are depleting through these, pollution is also causing excess greenhouse gases and many other harmful substances.

Excess greenhouse gases are destroying the atmosphere’s ozone layer, resulting in climate change and global warming. Natural biodiversity is on the way to destruction due to the resulting natural disasters.

Due to the hole in the ozone layer, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface and harm the human body and the environment. Many environmentalists have previously warned of a hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica.

Researcher Wallace Broeker notes that the steady erosion of the ozone layer and the flow of massive glaciers provide strong evidence that the world’s climate system can suddenly jump from one trend to another. Those glacial flows triggered or may have triggered rapid climate change.

It is clear from these events that how important is the preservation of the environment. This requires some continuous knowledge acquisition. At present, discussions and various activities are going on in multiple circles worldwide on the topic of ‘Save the environment, save the life.’

International, continental, and domestic public-private organizations are working to protect the environment’s biodiversity. Their sole aim is to ensure the proper use of every element of the environment by creating public awareness of environmental issues.

Apart from this, in many countries, environmental science has been introduced into the curriculum of educational institutions. Recently, international and domestic new laws have been formulated and implemented to prevent environmental pollution.

Ultimately, we should all have complete knowledge about the environment, prevent environmental pollution by properly using every element of the environment, and play a leading role in protecting biodiversity.

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