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eye diseases and mental problems are increasing due to visual pollution
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Eye diseases and mental problems are increasing due to visual pollution

Eye diseases and mental problems are increasing due to visual pollution

Visual pollution is causing various eye diseases and mental issues. About 270,000 children in Dhaka city suffer from various eye diseases and headaches.

This information is given in the research report titled “Visual Pollution in the City of Dhaka: A Public Health, Environment, and Traffic Destruction” by the Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO).

According to ESDO, Billboards, Wired electricity poles and power, WIFI, Dish TV distribution networks, fog, graffiti, etc., as examples of visual pollution. They prevent people from enjoying the beauty.

Through visual pollution, ecological damage is caused by destroying natural beauty and human-made habitats. As a result, the health of the city dwellers is at risk.

According to the research findings, public awareness about visual pollution is very low. About 95 percent of city dwellers have yet to learn about it.

According to this recent study by ESDO, 24 percent of people suffer from eye problems due to visual pollution, among which children are the most affected.

According to data collected from 27 hospitals and clinics in Dhaka city, about two lakh 7 million children in Dhaka city receive treatment for various types of eye problems and severe headaches every year.

Also, many Dhaka city residents suffering from mental problems have reached about 17 percent of Dhaka’s population.

According to the study, ESDO said that road accident deaths in Bangladesh have increased by 40 percent due to visual pollution. While the number of deaths in 2019 was 5,227, which increased to 8,800 in 2022.

Visual pollution has been identified as one of the leading causes of road accidents, including overtaking and reckless and drunk driving.

Syed Argue Morshed, Chairperson of ESDO, said that visual pollution should be dealt with step by step. He urged the government to protect public health and the environment from visual pollution.

Syed Morshed said, to reduce the risk of visual pollution, we must raise awareness and convince law enforcement agencies.”

The causes of visual pollution include billboards, wires and electricity poles, fog, excess traffic signs, rubbish or rubbish piles, urban graffiti, excessive light or neon sign pollution and digital billboards, etc.

Used plastic bags and littering have worsened the situation, which indicates the public’s ignorance of environmental issues.

Shahriar Hossain also said that the consequences of visual pollution are far-reaching. These include mental confusion and exhaustion, loss of ability to express opinions, anonymity, road congestion, various health hazards, mental instability and illness, eye problems, loss of aesthetic sense, the overall loss of community, etc.

Children who are exposed to visual pollution from childhood often become accustomed to unpleasant environments and lose their normal emotions.

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