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Fire Tornado Warning in America, What is this Fire Tornado
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environmental Problems

Fire Tornado Warning in America, What is this Fire Tornado?

Fire Tornado Warning in America, What is this Fire Tornado?

Adnan Mahfuz

The whole world is fed up with the deadly coronavirus. Two hundred fifteen countries and regions of the world are affected by this virus. The worst situation is in America. Already 56 lakh 12 thousand have been infected with this virus in the country.

Of these, 1 lakh 73 thousand 718 people have died. In the meantime, another danger has arisen in the country. Northern California is experiencing ‘fire tornado’.

As can be seen in the video, the cyclone is getting stronger. The wind is blowing. And fire is flying with that wind and spreading everywhere.

Everyone is devastated by fire, smoke, and ash. The fire service is working to protect the houses in the area.
This is what happened recently in Northern California, USA.

The sky is full of fire clouds. That cloud was formed in that area at the end of last week. The tornado is seen in a small town called Loyalton.

Fire tornado warnings have already been issued there. It is known that this happens only when the wind comes in contact with the fire at high speed. In this type of tornado, the flames of the fire turn and rise towards the sky.

Local police have issued instructions to evacuate the area. Already there is a forest fire burning. At least 22,000 acres in Loyalton have been reduced to ashes.

Just hot and dry weather all around. Fire service personnel have called from California as well as Nevada.

What is this fire tornado?

In the area where there is an intense fire, a special kind of cloud is forming on its head. And that cloud gets so deadly that it’s hard to understand what could happen from there.

This cloud is formed from a tremendous amount of heat emitted from the fire. And a strong wind is created, which keeps on moving. Hundreds of meters of land could be affected by the cyclone. Plants can also uproot.

Earlier in 2003, a fire tornado was created from a fire in Canberra. Five hundred houses were set on fire, and several people were killed in the blaze.

Besides, a fire service worker died in such an incident last December. A fire tornado is often called a fire whirl or fire devil because fire whirls are whirlwinds induced by fire and are usually composed of flame and ash.

However, according to atmospheric scientist Matthew Cappucci, the likely fire tornado prompting NWS Reno to issue a tornado warning is not fire whirls.

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