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First-ever in history! A hospital established for the care of Trees
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environment Protection

First-ever in history! A hospital established for the care of Trees

First-ever in history, a hospital established for the care of trees in Burdwan, India

By Adnan Tazvir

Burdwan, West Bengal, India: A hospital has been set up in East Burdwan, West Bengal, India for the care and treatment of trees to protect the environment.

The very first walk of this Hospital has started on the day of Bengali New Year.

There are hospitals for the treatment of people and animals. However, for the plants, those that play a significant role in protecting the environment, there was no specific organization for the service and maintenance of the dumb trees so far.

The Memory Phalli Mongal Samity, a local NGO, recently established such a type of Hospital for treating plants. This type of innovative initiative to protect the environment has laid the historical milestone in the world.

Why is this Hospital? How will they treat the tree?

Mr. Sandeepan Sarkar, a member of the organization, said that trees often die due to a lack of proper care after planting. In many cases, one tree after another dies prematurely in an area due to a disease attack.

He said, “We will take action if anyone informs us. Proper care will take with the advice of environmental experts. Besides, if anyone faces any problem with someone’s household flowers, they can keep in contact with us. We will take necessary measures to save the tree and return it.”

Not only planting trees but also taking care of the trees and keeping them alive will benefit environmental protection. And he informed me that he had taken this initiative. “It is possible to save the fallen trees through proper care,” he said. “We have launched two helplines, and Anyone can contact them there.” Added further.
Mr. Arup Chowdhury, President’s Award-winning teacher and known as the ‘Tree Master’, said, “Such an initiative is very commendable. It will be very fruitful to protect the environment.”

Earlier, sapling banks were also made under this organization’s guidance, which is presently suspended due to COVID 19. The tree hospital is also associated with environmentalists and horticulture officials.

"I hope there will be long-term benefits," said Mr. Sandeepan Sarkar.

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