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Five asteroids are coming towards the Earth
Amila Khan Environmental Science

Five asteroids are coming towards the Earth

Five asteroids are coming towards the Earth

By Amila Khan

Like a Boeing-747 aircraft in size. Whose mass is also high. Such an asteroid is coming towards the Earth. This asteroid is supposed to be nearer to the orbit of the Earth shortly.

It is unknown at this time whether there will be a conflict facing the world. However, scientists are not blowing up the threat of a collision.

There is no pause for asteroids to come. Asteroids have been orbiting the Earth in stages over the past month.

Some of them are close to each other, and some of them are far away. The last asteroid to come to Earth flew over 13,000 miles. After that, NASA scientists informed about the arrival of this new asteroid.

NASA’s telescope is waiting to see other planets in space. This asteroid was caught there named 2020 RK2.
The asteroid’s reality is being closely monitored at the Near-Earth Object Mission of the American Space Center.

Astronomers say the asteroid was spotted orbiting in space last month. On October 7, , 2020 RK2 will come close to the Earth. However, some astronomers think that this asteroid can fly 23 million miles away from Earth’s orbit.

If so, then there is little chance of conflict. But if the direction changes and it comes very close to the Earth, then the fear of collision will not be blown away.

The circumference of the 2020 RK2 asteroid is 118 to 265 feet. NASA says it is running at a speed of 6.68 kilometres per second.

Scientists say most asteroids orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It is unknown at this time whether it came from there or not. Scientists are also studying the age of this asteroid.

An asteroid named 2020 QG, the size of a small car, flew over the Earth a few days ago. The asteroid came out very close to the South Indian Ocean.

The situation of light conflicts was made with the Earth’s atmosphere, but NASA said that it did go to the way of collision with the Earth, just showed the face and gone.

Kunal Debnath and Kriti Sharma, two students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay, were the first to discover this asteroid.

NASA says another asteroid could collide with the Earth in November. It is rushing towards the Earth with astonishing speed.

The asteroid could collide with Earth the day before the US presidential election, November 3. According to NASA’s Near-Earth Object Mission, the name of this asteroid is 2018 VP1.

However, its size is so small that even if it collides with air particles, it will not damage. Astronomers say the asteroid’s circumference is 0.002 kilometres (about 6.5 feet).

In July, the 2020 KK asteroid, with a circumference of 108 feet, came out very close to the Earth. The 2020 KD4 asteroid, 115 feet in circumference, also moves closer to the Earth.

But the world did not clash with them. The asteroid named ‘Asteroid 2020 ND’ has also shown its face to the Earth.

According to NASA, the asteroid is even more significant than the traditional London Eye. Its speed was 46 thousand kilometres per hour. The Earth’s distance from this 170-meter-long asteroid was 0.034 astronomical units, or about 50 lac 86 thousand 328 kilometres.

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