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A new species of Spider having dark blue-eye saw in Australia
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A new species of Spider having dark blue-eye saw in Australia

A new species of Spider having dark blue-eye saw in Australia

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Most animals have two eyes. But spiders are the exception. The number of eyes of this animal not fix. Eight, six, never less than the eyes of the Spider sees in the animal kingdom.

But a woman in Australia has found a new species of Spider. This tiny creature has eight eyes. All of them are dark blue.

The Indian media NDTV published a report recently about the search for the new Spider. Amanda de Georges, a nature lover from New South Wales, Australia, was reportedly walking in the backyard 18 months ago.

At this time, he saw the first new species of Spider. He immediately captured the imagination of the dark blue eight-eyed Spider on the camera. He then posted several pictures to a Facebook group called Backyard Zulji.

And that picture left a massive response among nature lovers. Little did he know then that it would be a spider of a new species.

According to the Australian media ABC News, George’s Facebook post drew the attention of spider expert Joseph Schubert. When de George first saw the Spider, Schubert asked George to catch it.

Then De Georges started looking for the animal. After months of searching, the animal saw again two weeks ago.

De Georges was then able to hold the Spider in an empty container. He finds another spider there, which were spiders of the genus Jumping Spider. These eat each other. With that in mind, de Georges later separated the two spiders.

Both spiders have been sent to Schubert in Melbourne. Schubert is an expert on jumping spiders. The Spider will be officially named when the Australian Museum Victoria Laboratory, which was closed due to the corona, reopens.

De George said it was a great pleasure to help find a new species of Spider. It’s a lot of fun.

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