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Flood water is receding in the North; Southern Part Has Been Flooded in Bangladesh
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Flood water is receding in the North; Southern Part Has Been Flooded in Bangladesh

Flood water is receding in the North; Southern Part Has Been Flooded in Bangladesh

Adhora Arti

The water levels of the principal rivers of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna and Upper Meghna basins recede below the danger level, the districts in the north-east of Bangladesh are curing of the disasters of the flood.

Thousands of people are trying to come back to their normal lifestyle after fighting against floods for more than one and a half months—meanwhile, the south-west and south-central coastal areas submerged by heavy rains and unusually high tides.

The water in all the rivers in the coastal areas is rising rapidly The low-lying areas of Barishal, Barguna, Khulna, Jhalokati, Bagerhat, Jashore and Satkhira have already been inundated due to abnormal tides and breaking of embankments.

The meteorological office informed that coastal districts could be inundated by 1-2 feet higher tides than usual due to the impact of the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal.

According to the flood forecasting and warning, the centre is given on 21st August morning; the water level has increased in 43 out of 101 water level stations in 24 hours.

Yesterday, the water was flowing at Padama is at 29 cm above the danger level, the Dhaleshwari at 24 cm and the atria at 12 cm and the water of the rivers are continuously increasing.

The flood situation in the lower reaches of Manikganj, Rajbari and Faridpur districts remained unchanged till yesterday. Heavy rainfall could cause rapid flooding of rivers in the south-west and south-central coastal areas. However, the principal rivers of the Upper Meghna Basin and the Brahmaputra-Jamuna in the north-east are decreasing.

On the other hand, the meteorological office has informed that 1-2 metre higher tides than usual may flood many districts and low-lying lands. The low atmospheric pressure of Bihar-Gangetic West Bengal and adjoining areas of India is presently located in the central and the adjacent regions of Madhya Pradesh, India.

As a result, strong winds may blow over the coastal areas and seaports of North Bay and the neighbouring areas of Bangladesh. The local warning signal number 3 has shown in Chattagram, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra seaports.

At the same time, fishing boats and trawlers stationed in the North Bay have asked to proceed cautiously from near the coast until further notice.

Here are some more information collected by reporters:


The water of Kirtonkhola river has crossed the danger level and has flooded the town on last Saturday for the 4th day. Houses and buildings and many roads have submerged underwater. Water Development Board, Southern Zone Chief Engineer.

Harun-ur-Rashid said, “Most of the 125 rivers in the Barisal division have crossed the danger line. Not only the city but also the low lying areas of Barisal have been submerged by the tidal waters. Many fish have been washed away. Croplands have been damaged. The people along the river are in trouble because of the water.”


Torrential rains and tidal waters have inundated more than 50 villages in six Upazilas of Barguna. Tidal water is entering through the broken embankment due to water pressure. Due to the abnormal tide, the ferry service suspended for three hours for sinking the Gangway of the Payra River yesterday.

According to the Barguna Water Development Board (WDB), tidal waters overflowed in three major rivers of the district on August 21. More than 50 villages are underwater. The embankments are in danger, so WDB is dropping sandbags to prevent it from erosion.

Ten housings including south-west and north part housings have submerged. The people of that residence have been starving for the last four days. In Patharghata, several villages have inundated due to breach of embankment in Padma area.


The tidal waters of Bishkhali-Sugandha and Gabkhan rivers have risen three to four feet above normal, and thousands of houses in the low-lying areas have flooded in the last three days due to incessant heavy rains.

Hundreds of ponds and water bodies have washed away, and the seedbed of betel and Aman has sunk. Many connecting roads of the village have cut off due to the flow of water.

Communication has cut off as the roads have damaged. Many villages in the lower part of Jhalokati city, Nalchiti and Rajapur have been submerged. Hundreds of families are unable to cook due to water leaking into the courtyards and cooking stoves of most of the low-lying areas.

Many people have moved their livestock to higher ground as their houses and cattle have submerged. However, there is a shortage of cattle food.


The Karamoja Wildlife Breeding Center in three Upazilas, Sadar, and Sundarbans, including the district town, has been submerged due to rising tidal water in the rivers during the inclement weather.

Ferry crossings are being disrupted as pontoons and roads at Morrelganj, and Mongla ferries have submerged. Hundreds of shrimp and fish farms have flooded in the lower reaches of seven Upazilas of the district.


The lower reaches of Benapole and the Sharsha have inundated by the floodwaters of the bordering Indian Ichhamati and the Kodla rivers.

Three thousand hectares of land has been submerged in Aus-Aman water and drowned eating vegetables. The sluice gate of the bordering Dadkhali canal has been unusable for a long time, and thousands of farmers in the area are similarly affected every year.


As a result of the continuous increase in water in the Padma, about 10,000 people from 2,000 families in the lower reaches of Goalanda Upazila of Rajbari are in waterlogged condition.

Rajbari Deputy Commissioner Dilsad Begum said, “The water level in the Padma River continues to rise. Several families have been newly flooded. The administration will make arrangements if these families need relief assistance.”

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