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four canals of sitakunda, chattagram, contaminated with used plastics and waste
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Four canals of Sitakunda, Chattagram, contaminated with used plastics and waste

Four canals of Sitakunda, Chattagram, contaminated with used plastics and waste


The Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh, has found the truth of dumping various wastes, including one-time used plastics bags and local markets waste in four canals of Sonaichhari and Bhatiari Union of Sitakunda in Chattagram, Bangladesh.

A team led by Ashraf Uddin, the DOE’s Assistant Director, raided the canals. The investigation team has identified three people initially involved in the operation.

The canals contaminated with waste are Dhamail, Ichhamati, and Chiringa canals of Bhatiari Union Parished and Madnahat canals of Sonaichhari Union Parished.

Ashraf Uddin said, “Much plastic waste was floating in the water while conducting raids in the canals. They have tried to find out the responsible individual for dumping waste.

Initially, three people have identified for this heinous deed. Apart from this, many more people and factories dump waste in the canals. However, they are investigating involved factories.

He further said,” The concerned person or organization will get a call after the investigation. Necessary action will adopt after the hearing.

For now, the local chairman and the market committee have verbally instructed not to dump waste in the canal. Besides, a letter will issue to the concerned chairs from the DOE for waste management.

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